Monday, May 5, 2014

Undersized Urbanite 2014 Entry

This is what the house used to look like:

And this is what it looks like now:
The house is inspired by vintage items and modern items too. I wanted it to be a small guest house or studio apartment. The landscaping is coffee grounds, garden stones made from paper clay, and random fossils I bought at a yard sale. The small paver stones are slate tiles that are made for dollhouse shingles that I broke apart. The grass is grass mat for train scenery. All of the plants are from Micheal's. I used some of their flowers and took them apart and then put them back together with glue and florists tape. The front mat is corkpaper that I painted with a white border. The atomic planter is by ModPodMiniatures. The watering can and the other potted plant are minis that I have had for probably 20 years in my collection. The concrete steps are wood that is painted with matte gel and then painted again. I used the tutorial from Otterine's website and it was excellent!

 I really like this shot, it looks so cute and cozy to me.

And here is the bathroom. It was hard to get a good photo with my camera. 

The shower head is a ear bud from a earphone set that I glued to a toothpick and then drilled a hole into a Popsicle stick with tiny stickers as buttons. I got the idea from Lyssa's blog. The drain is a drilled hole in the floor. The shower shelf is card stock. The shampoos are Rement and Barbie. The shower divider is a target place mat.
 The mushroom painting is actually a game piece from a vintage matching cards game from the 60's. The toilet is the clear see through toilet from that I painted with yellow spray paint. The bathroom accessories and sink are the Chrysnbon sets. The rectangular part of the mirror is Lundby that I took apart and then glued a new circle mirror to. The wallpaper is vintage 1960's wallpaper that I love.
Check out the overhead shot to see how tiny the bathroom is. The tiny bathroom was inspired by my own tiny bathrooms that are pink and blue. I thought yellow would be fun.
 The bed is by Elfminiatures. The side table is by ModPodMiniatures. The dresser is Vintage Petite Princess. The rug is just a place mat from Target that I cut up.
 A lot of my accessories are from Elf Miniatures, Rement, MiWorld, and various things I've collected through the years. The inspiration board is made from a Formica sample I got for free from Home Depot. It's boomerang print, although its kind of hard to see. The decal on the mirror is a vintage Hallmark sticker. The little sandals have been in my collection for years.

The poster over the bed is a vintage calling card from the 40's I think. I collect them and they are perfect for dollhouses. The pillows are Otterine, and SmallWorldStitchery. The cup with pencils is a cap and painted toothpicks. The clothes in the basket are all vintage Barbie clothes. The basket is from Elf miniatures. All of the beauty products are Barbie. Bratz, and MiWorld.  The little red bear is from a kids consignment store near me and I think he may have been a pencil topper. 

 All of the food is stuff I've had forever. There's also some Rement in there and a Barbie mug.
 The gallery wall is vintage bingo pieces, some things I cut out of old children's books and I made the J from wood pieces from A.C. Moore. I think the silhouette painting is from a Franklin Mint set.

And here's some more picture I took with my Iphone. The Iphone was so much better for getting inside of the tiny space.

I can't wait to see everyone's entry! This was fun!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Undersized Urbanite Progress Report

The weather is so nice here and I have gotten a lot of spray painting, gluing, and more garage related things done. So far this is the view from the top.
 This is the bathroom part of the house that is finished with siding. I tried to make it look a little modern.
Here's the very tiny bathroom.

 Here it is again, from a different view. This was a lot of wallpapering and using carpet tape with the tile sheets. The wallpaper is vintage and I love it so much.

Here's a closer view, its very 1960s.
 This is the opposite side.
 And finally this is the main room. I stained the wood popsicle stick floor and then I hated it so I ended up using a bunch of shades of brown and black and just painted right over top. Then I sealed it with matte spray.

I can't believe how close we are to the end of the contest. I will have to speed it up this week and work on some of the details like trim for the baseboards and gluing in the bathroom fixtures. I'm still debating on if I will make a base for the dollhouse to rest on that has grass. I have all the supplies, I just hope I have the time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lots of rain

This weekend was kind of a bust. It rained on Saturday and I could have gone to an estate sale near me, but I just wasn't up to it. I did go thrifting on Thursday, and here's some of the things I found.

An Anchor Hocking Grease Holder with Lid!
 Some fun coffee mugs and a creamer...

And a bunch of playing cards.

On Sunday we ended up going to an estate sale that was kind of sad. It was filled with people and the people were so annoying. The estate sale said it was for someone who bought a house that the previous owners had left items in before they went to assisted living. The house was super cute, a rancher from the 50s with lots of cool details. The pink bathroom was huge, but I made the mistake of chatting with the new owner, at least I assumed she was. I'm not quite sure who she was, maybe she was a flipper.
60 WINDING LN, Feasterville Trevose, PA

She kept saying how everything was getting gutted, but she wanted to show the pink bathroom to people because it was an antique. And everyone wanted to see it.  I kind of side eyed her cause she was essentially knocking the people who were buying all the stuff there. She was really rude and she just seemed dumb.  Anyway,  I wanted to go to just see the kitchen because it looks pretty darn close to my kitchen. It had the same hardware, and some of the same cabinets and same chrome details.

So my fiancĂ© and I went in and were talking to two other women who were also running the sale and told them about the kitchen and how it even had the same chrome dishtowel holder that we do. As we are saying this, a lower kitchen cabinet door swings open and hits my fiancĂ© in the leg. He doesn't even believe in all of that spiritual stuff and he was like "We gotta go". We got freaked out and we left that room pretty quickly. Who knows, maybe it was a sign? Maybe someone was trying to get me to save the house from being gutted? :)
I ended up getting a few things there, but it was just kind of a downer. The garage was filled with cool items, but it was like a hoarder house and if you touched one thing, a bunch of other things fell. There were also these women who had some kind of crazy app where people put what they are looking for and then you find it and sell it to them. They were rude too, they kept yelling about items, it was ridiculous. Here's the stuff I got:
Two vintage glass tumblers with gold lids. I have two other Charter House Drink Mix Tumblers for sale on Etsy, so when I saw the Mai Tai I had to get it. A interesting dice game that I have to look up.

You shake the dice inside of the box. I'm not sure what happens next.

And this awesome metal pencil holder from Japan that I love and will probably keep on my desk.

This awesome sign about getting screwed.

A very cute saloon sign that cleaned up so well. Perfect for your basement bar.

A py o my baking mixes metal loaf pan. I kind of love this too.

Two vintage yard sticks. The Cougar one is pretty good.
This vintage mail holder that is really cute.

And then today I went to the thrift store and found a book from 1977 that I just loved for the font in the title.

It's a kids first aid book and it actually has a lot of great tips that are still relevant today.

I just really liked the artwork in it too.

Maybe this week will end with some good sales. More estate sales are being listed on Thursdays and Fridays in my area, which is promising. The sales at my antique booth are terrible and Etsy has kind of slowed down too. I need some momentum! Hope everyone is getting some good stuff!

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