Sunday, April 6, 2014

Undersized Urbanite Progress Report

The weather is so nice here and I have gotten a lot of spray painting, gluing, and more garage related things done. So far this is the view from the top.
 This is the bathroom part of the house that is finished with siding. I tried to make it look a little modern.
Here's the very tiny bathroom.

 Here it is again, from a different view. This was a lot of wallpapering and using carpet tape with the tile sheets. The wallpaper is vintage and I love it so much.

Here's a closer view, its very 1960s.
 This is the opposite side.
 And finally this is the main room. I stained the wood popsicle stick floor and then I hated it so I ended up using a bunch of shades of brown and black and just painted right over top. Then I sealed it with matte spray.

I can't believe how close we are to the end of the contest. I will have to speed it up this week and work on some of the details like trim for the baseboards and gluing in the bathroom fixtures. I'm still debating on if I will make a base for the dollhouse to rest on that has grass. I have all the supplies, I just hope I have the time.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lots of rain

This weekend was kind of a bust. It rained on Saturday and I could have gone to an estate sale near me, but I just wasn't up to it. I did go thrifting on Thursday, and here's some of the things I found.

An Anchor Hocking Grease Holder with Lid!
 Some fun coffee mugs and a creamer...

And a bunch of playing cards.

On Sunday we ended up going to an estate sale that was kind of sad. It was filled with people and the people were so annoying. The estate sale said it was for someone who bought a house that the previous owners had left items in before they went to assisted living. The house was super cute, a rancher from the 50s with lots of cool details. The pink bathroom was huge, but I made the mistake of chatting with the new owner, at least I assumed she was. I'm not quite sure who she was, maybe she was a flipper.
60 WINDING LN, Feasterville Trevose, PA

She kept saying how everything was getting gutted, but she wanted to show the pink bathroom to people because it was an antique. And everyone wanted to see it.  I kind of side eyed her cause she was essentially knocking the people who were buying all the stuff there. She was really rude and she just seemed dumb.  Anyway,  I wanted to go to just see the kitchen because it looks pretty darn close to my kitchen. It had the same hardware, and some of the same cabinets and same chrome details.

So my fiancĂ© and I went in and were talking to two other women who were also running the sale and told them about the kitchen and how it even had the same chrome dishtowel holder that we do. As we are saying this, a lower kitchen cabinet door swings open and hits my fiancĂ© in the leg. He doesn't even believe in all of that spiritual stuff and he was like "We gotta go". We got freaked out and we left that room pretty quickly. Who knows, maybe it was a sign? Maybe someone was trying to get me to save the house from being gutted? :)
I ended up getting a few things there, but it was just kind of a downer. The garage was filled with cool items, but it was like a hoarder house and if you touched one thing, a bunch of other things fell. There were also these women who had some kind of crazy app where people put what they are looking for and then you find it and sell it to them. They were rude too, they kept yelling about items, it was ridiculous. Here's the stuff I got:
Two vintage glass tumblers with gold lids. I have two other Charter House Drink Mix Tumblers for sale on Etsy, so when I saw the Mai Tai I had to get it. A interesting dice game that I have to look up.

You shake the dice inside of the box. I'm not sure what happens next.

And this awesome metal pencil holder from Japan that I love and will probably keep on my desk.

This awesome sign about getting screwed.

A very cute saloon sign that cleaned up so well. Perfect for your basement bar.

A py o my baking mixes metal loaf pan. I kind of love this too.

Two vintage yard sticks. The Cougar one is pretty good.
This vintage mail holder that is really cute.

And then today I went to the thrift store and found a book from 1977 that I just loved for the font in the title.

It's a kids first aid book and it actually has a lot of great tips that are still relevant today.

I just really liked the artwork in it too.

Maybe this week will end with some good sales. More estate sales are being listed on Thursdays and Fridays in my area, which is promising. The sales at my antique booth are terrible and Etsy has kind of slowed down too. I need some momentum! Hope everyone is getting some good stuff!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Quick Undersized Urbanite Update

I have gotten some more things done on the house. I can't believe how quickly the deadline is approaching and its going to snow tomorrow and not get warmer until Friday, so hopefully I can work around that and get some more done. The outside of the house has been Fleckstoned and it turned out just like I wanted it to. The bathroom still has to be worked on, its the small part to the left. I have to figure out how I am siding it. It's tiny so it shouldn't be that hard to do. Sorry for the weird lighting, its that time of day where the sun hits the craft room in an odd way and shines through the blinds.

 I cut out lots of popsicle sticks and will probably start gluing them down tomorrow. I also made the walls look like a stucco plaster type texture, using paint and joint compound. I like how it turned out and it hide a lot.

 Here's the inside view, notice the yellow toilet and sink. The sink is from the Chrysnbon kit and the toilet was from They both took the spray paint very well and are the color I wanted them to be. I didn't get a chance to do any lighting in this house, so its just some LED's, like the cute little side table lamp I got. I might try to add some skylights to the roof so more light can come in.

Hope everyone is moving along too! I can't wait to see the results.

Underwhelming Yard Sale Day

I had high hopes for Saturday's yard sales. But most of them were a bust.  The first one was advertised as a vintage and antique sale and it actually was. The house was very mid century modern from the outside and was overflowing with stuff in the garage and on the driveway. There were boxes everywhere with things still wrapped in that white paper that you get at antique stores. There were a lot of great items and a lot of crap too. Some of the stuff was pretty amazing and well out of my price range, like old circus posters and beautiful glassware. But I liked what I got.

I got a 1940s metal dollhouse that I really like and don't want to sell, but I might.

It's in good shape with not much rust at all. I kind of want to keep it and make it a retro house, but we will see. I also got these stuffed animals from Japan. One is marked 1964.
I like the face the panda is making. The giraffe needs to be repaired but I might use him for an art project. The pink poodle is super cute and still in really good shape.
These are cool cases that held lead for mechanical pencils. I think they will go in the booth or on Etsy.
The next yard sale was pretty bad. It was about 20 things and there was nothing really old. It also had the annoying van man who I have seen at other yard sales. I can't stand him cause he says things to sellers like "Someone will die eventually and their things will get sold". Gross. He also keeps his really cute dog in his Van in the heat or the cold. He's pushy and acts like he doesn't know anything about items, but its obvious he does. Anyway, I got some vintage Pochacco stuff and a 50s kids bedtime stories book that has some great art in it.

A story called Midnight Music with two cats howling at the moon.

Aww, this horse loves his friend.

Whatta Dog, with a great picture of a dog destroying a vase.

This giant squirrel watching this little boy making a fire.

And more squirrels being mischievous while a poor dog watches from the window.
Next I went to a yardsale that was the saddest ever, complete with people selling old cleaning products from the 70s that had rust on them, string and rope, old curling irons and hair dryers that had burn marks on them, and just piles of crap. I think I stayed 2 minutes.
So since I was near a goodwill, I went in there and found some vintage things.
A very sweet mid century Bovano Copper cat plate.

And this 1940s set of four bowls with a String Art Design for Potato Chips, Snacks, Pretzels, and Nuts. How fun!
This week I am going to try to list a bunch to Etsy. Maybe I will find something neat this week or weekend. I hope everyone has some good treasure hunting luck. I am having fun reading all the blogs on Thriftasaurus.  

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day of the Thrifts

Today I decided to hit up some thrift stores and see what I could find. I started off at a local antique mall/ tea room. This place is kind of odd. It's one of those places that doesn't really know what it wants to be. There's a tea room, a comic store, people selling crafts and handmade items,people selling real antiques, people selling shabby chic that they made,people selling junk from their houses like dvds and vhs tapes, and people selling candles and candy. It's a hodgepodge of stuff.
About 10 years ago I tried selling some of my items there and I failed miserably. Not only was the rent extremely high, they also took a pretty big percentage of each sale. They also would have sales all the time. I think I maybe sold 8 things.
When I went in today I noticed that a lot of the booths were empty, which was surprising since 
its getting closer to warm weather and more people will be antiquing. I also noticed that the prices in there are kind of high for the area. I found a lot that I liked, but even as a collector and not a seller, it was a little too high for my liking since the items were in pretty ruff shape. I'm talking things with chips. And someone was charging 9 dollars for a Pyrex fridgie dish that looked like it lived in the dishwasher. They were marketing it as "shabby chic." I would have taken a picture, but they have signs that say not to. Anyway, I found two things, both Easter related.  The Egg Tree is a book from the 50s that had really great artwork and this little blue bunny is so cute. I think they will both go on Etsy.

Next, I went to a Goodwill. Now, this Goodwill is just weird. There's so much crap that is damaged it makes me want to scream. I found a gorgeous Stangl pitcher today and went to put it in my basket and discovered a giant chip in the top. It was like someone bit it off or something. Also, everything here is kind of dirty and you really have to kind of visualize what it could be.

So the pink planter was really pretty and will look cute in the booth. I have other bunnies that match this one and this one will go to the booth. Everything else will go on Etsy.  The Bingo cards were fun and I loved the butterfly acrylic trivet.  The little heart box is from the 80s and I think it would be an awesome recipe box.

WooHoo, and a mid 90s Carmen Sandiego Ruler/Periscope. I've been obsessed with 90s stuff lately, so when I saw it, I had to grab it.
This letter holder called out to me cause it was dirty and I knew if I used some wood polish it would shine. I will post it on Etsy once its repaired. I have cleaned it up and it already looks so much better.

And this is my favorite thing that I found today, this Ti-Chron Yellow and Orange Plastic Clock. When I saw it, I quick grabbed it. Not like anyone was near me or anything. But its just retro and perfect. I don't know if it works and I don't care, I can fix it if I have to. It was also really dirty but a Magic Eraser got everything off of it, including crayon. Who the heck let their kids draw on this?

And finally I got this bag of little toys for 50 cents. These bags are always such a gamble, but sometimes there are great things for dollhouses or art projects in them. Sadly, this bag kind of sucked. I think maybe 10 things out of the 100 could be used for my dollhouse. Oh well.

So after Goodwill, I headed to the Salvation Army. I like this Salvation Army, but it too also has a lot of damaged items. You really have to look through everything. Also it gets packed on certain days and is really overwhelming. But today I found some things. The cute yellow tea pot planter is from Japan and actually pours water out of the spot. Its too cute. I had to get the vintage sun catchers because they really give me such good memories of things that were at my grandparents' card shop. I can still remember seeing ones that were similar in the window at their shop. I got two dinosaurs, a bear in a balloon, a unicorn, a carousel horse , and retro flowers. They will end up on Etsy, I'm sure.  The vintage atomic Virgin Mary is my favorite thing ever and will probably stay on my dresser with my other Virgin Maries.

She is so detailed and pretty. I just love the design. And for 50 cents, it was made for me.
Finally, I went to a thrift store that has been open for less than a year. It's okay, I either do really well there, or its a miss. Their prices are the highest out of all the thrift stores in the area, which is really tough. They also have a auction which drives me insane. I never bid on anything there because the stuff goes for way too much. I have no idea who is bidding on these things but they bid up stuff that you could find on Ebay for much, much less. Anyway, this thrift store opened a "clearance room" and it was actually pretty decent. I found a jumbo puzzle box, which I think is missing 2 puzzles, but that's okay.  I got some mini rocking horses for the dollhouse and some really cute vintage animal notepads, which I am debating on keeping for myself .

 The puzzles are really great. There's fishing and children.

A baby and a lady!

So overall, it was a nice thrift day. Hopefully this weekend will be decent. There are a bunch of estate and yard sales near me. I just hope they won't be a madhouse like the last one I was at. Happy thrifting!
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